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Zilog acquires ARM Cortex-M3 license


LONDON — Zilog, Inc. has signed a license to use the ARM Cortex-M3 processor to develop a family of 32-bit based solutions.

Three years ago Zilog (San Jose, Calif.) licensed the ARM9 microprocessor family for its Zatara family of 32-bit applications specific standard products that targeted the rapidly growing secure transactions/point-of-sale market.

Zilog has been a long-time supplier of 8- and 16-bit MCU system-on-chip solutions. Adding a new family of 32-bit MCU-based SoC solutions is designed to expand the reach of its product portfolio.

“The 32-bit microcontroller marketplace is rapidly growing around the Cortex-M3 processor to provide a fast and reliable path to market leadership,” said Eric Schorn, vice president of marketing, processor division, ARM. “Further, our Partners are breaking through the traditional segmentation that divides the market into separate 8-, 16- and 32-bit categories and instead are offering a seamless range of technology optimized for the widest range of applications.”

“We have a strong, positive and successful relationship with ARM, and we are delighted to report that we are already seeing immediate success with our new ARM processor-based, 32-bit MCU solutions where the full potential and range of our new 8-bit to 32-bit MCU portfolio can be clearly seen in the context of our remote control business,” stated Keith Bladen, vice president of marketing and GM for the 32-bit ASSP, Secure Transaction Group, Zilog.

According to Bladen, “The discussions we have had with both our internal engineering teams and with the customer community have been very positive, and we expect to quickly expand our leadership in this arena to the higher-end applications where performance and size coupled with lower power are simply crucial.”

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